Mohsin Rajab Ali is working as Senior Manager in CDC Share Registrar Services Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC).
He has experience of more than 32 years in Share Registrar Services field. He is commerce graduate, started his career in 1988 by joining Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited (NCSL), a reputable Habib Group company and pioneer in providing computerized Balloting and Share Registrar Services. He worked in NCSL for 17 years till the year 2005 and during this period, handled more thatn 200 IPOs and countless corporate actions include cash dividends, right shares issues, bonus shares issues, mergers, etc.

In the year 2005, CDC took initiative to start Share Registrar buinsess and he joined CDC in same year. His association with CDC is now more than 16 years and his contribution towards launch of Share Registrar Business under the umbrella of CDC and success of CDC Share Registrar Services is remarkable espacially in preparing procedure manual, assistance in software development / testing, staff training, managign day to day operations to provide quality services to the shareholders.

He is a well-known professional in coroporate sector and has an admireable reputation amongst shareholders, regulators and top Management of all client companies.